Affiliation No: 2130326


School Code: 60148


affiliated to CBSE Board, Bharat


Dear teachers, students and parents

This is the first time we are bringing out the official news letter of our school, ‘JOHN’S EAGLE’ on a digital platform. It has been necessitated by the COVID created situation. However, as we were working more on it we realized the digital format has many advantages over the normal newsletter that we print on paper. We could add more pages, all the pages are in multi- colour, more eco-friendly and we can save it on our mobiles and laptops for future references and as a souvenir. I congratulate the editorial board and all those who have contributed to it in various ways. My special appreciation goes to Mr. Arulanand and Mr. Nishant Gupta.

Digital education was practically only a heard thing prior to April, 2020. Hardly anybody at school level had a first- hand experience to it before the COVID era. But after fourteen months of digital learning we need to analyse where we stand. Most often we fret about things that we miss in life. Of course, we the teachers and you the students miss many things that we would have otherwise enjoyed in the school- the personal interaction, games, cultural activities, morning assembly, the picnics, the fun with friends and many more. But this period has also taught us to explore more into certain areas which we did not venture so far. The sea of knowledge available on the internet, use of various apps, cultivating certain values that brought us more together in families, a rise in the level of concern for others, a search for spiritual dimensions of our life, awareness about healthy and hygienic habits in personal lives and community etc.

After the pre-poned summer holidays of one month, as we resume the online classes on June 1, I exhort all of you to remain positive, adhere to the norms set by the authorities with personal conviction and to be more pro-active. Have a goal in life and to achieve it set clear short term targets that can be attained. The board exams of class X were cancelled. The results will surely teach us the importance of being prompt and disciplined. Never miss the classes except for genuine reasons. Finish the assignments, in time. Study with three D s-Dedication, Discipline and Determination. Success will be yours. On the other hand if you are victims of PIL - Pusillanimity (lacking strong will), Indiscipline and Laziness you will be losers. It is not very important in life how many marks you scored, but how you scored. After all, life is more important than anything else. This is what COVID has taught us.

We are here to help you. Any decision that the school will take will be in the better interest and good of the students. Better interest should not be misinterpreted. What is ultimately good, that is what we are seeking - more knowledge, more excellence, more values and more goodness. To attain them let us work together. Teachers, parents and students hand in hand together.

Hoping and praying for better times ahead.

Wish you all the best

May God bless you all and your families!

Fr. Shaji Joseph